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Size Guide

For our international and US customers living abroad who need to find out their US ring size, we have come up with a quick reference chart that has the world’s most used ring sizing systems. Not every country has their own ring sizing system, but just about every country uses one of these seven widely used ring size systems. Please find out which system your local jeweler uses in your country so you can use this chart properly. Please see below for an explanation of each ring size system type.
US Ring Size System – This system is based on the non-metric British inch and is used not only in the US, but in Canada and Mexico as well.
UK Ring Size System – This system is also used by Ireland, Australia, New Zealand , and South Africa. Sizes are indicated by letters and there are half sizes. Each half size up represents an increase of 0.75 mm of the ring’s inside circumference. Size C means the inside circumference of a ring is 40 mm, so size C 1/2 means the circumference is 40.75 mm.
European Ring Size System – This system is used by most EU countries, such as, France and Scandinavia. It is also used by Russia. There may be other countries that also use this system, which is based on the metric system. The numbers of each size simply translates to the circumference of the inside of the ring in millimeters. So a size 40 would mean the inside circumference of a ring is also 40 mm.
German Ring Size System – As the name suggests, this is the sizing system used in Germany, but it is also used in other European countries. It is even used in non-European countries, such as Argentina. This system is based on the metric system, but unlike the European system, each number size in this system represents the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters. For example a size 18 means the inside diameter of the ring is 18 mm across.
Brazilian Ring Size System – This unique sizing system is mainly used in Brazil and perhaps some neighboring countries in South America.
Japanese Ring Size System – This system is used by East and Southeast Asian countries, like China, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. It is also used in South American countries like, Peru and Bolivia. This system is similar to the German system in that it is based on the inside diameter of a ring. However, size 1 starts at 13 mm and each size up represents a 1/3 mm increase in diameter. So, a size 2 is 13.33 mm and size 3 is 13.67 mm.
Swiss Ring Size System – This system, created by the Swiss, is used in other European countries such as Spain and perhaps in other non-European countries as well, due to the worldwide influence of the Swiss jewelry industry. This system is basically the European system except a size 1 is starts at 40 mm circumference, so a size 2 has an inside circumference of 41 mm.
Please note: The chart below should be used as a guide. The most accurate way to find out your ring size is to get measured at your local jeweler. We can also send you a free ring sizer so you can get your US ring size accurately. Shipping times take 1 -2 weeks. If you are in a hurry please go to your local jeweler to get your finger measured.

 International Customers: When placing your order, please put your ring size as measured by your local jeweler in the “order notes” section of your shopping cart when checking out, so we can verify for you the correct US size was chosen. You may also take a look at wikipedia’s ring size conversion chart, but keep in mind our chart’s conversion takes comfort fit sizing into account.


US Size
(US, CA, MX)
British Size
(UK, AU, NZ, ZA, IE)
European Size
(FR, RU, DK, SE, NO, FI)
German Size
(DE, AR)
Brazilian Size
Asian Size
(JP, CN, KR, HK, TW, SG)
Swiss Size
(CH, ES)
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3F ½44.014.00744.0Shop Now
3 ¼G44.514.25855.0Shop Now
3 ½G ½45.514.5095.5Shop Now
3 ¾H46.014.7566.0Shop Now
4H ½46.515.001077.0Shop Now
4 ¼I47.07.5Shop Now
4 ½J48.015.251188.0Shop Now
4 ¾J ½48.515.50129.0Shop Now
5K49.015.751399.5Shop Now
5 ¼K ½50.01010.0Shop Now
5 ½L50.516.001410.5Shop Now
5 ¾L ½51.016.251111.5Shop Now
6M51.516.501512.0Shop Now
6 ¼M ½52.516.75161212.5Shop Now
6 ½N53.017.001313.5Shop Now
6 ¾N ½53.51714.0Shop Now
7O54.517.251414.5Shop Now
7 ¼O ½55.017.501815.0Shop Now
7 ½P55.517.75191516.0Shop Now
7 ¾P ½56.518.001616.5Shop Now
8Q57.018.252017.0Shop Now
8 ¼Q ½57.51718.0Shop Now
8 ½R58.018.502118.5Shop Now
8 ¾R ½59.018.75221819.0Shop Now
9S59.519.001920.0Shop Now
9 ¼S ½60.019.252320.5Shop Now
9 ½T61.019.50242021.0Shop Now
9 ¾T ½61.519.7521.5Shop Now
10U62.020.00252122.5Shop Now
10 ¼U ½63.02223.0Shop Now
10 ½V63.520.252623.5Shop Now
10 ¾V ½64.020.50272324.5Shop Now
11W64.520.752425.0Shop Now
11 ¼W ½65.52825.5Shop Now
11 ½X66.021.002526.0Shop Now
11 ¾X ½66.521.25292627.0Shop Now
12Y67.521.503027.5Shop Now
12 ¼Y ½68.021.752728.0Shop Now
12 ½Z68.522.00312829.0Shop Now
12 ¾Z ½69.029.5Shop Now
13Z+170.022.25322930.0Shop Now
13 ¼Z+1 ½70.522.503331.0Shop Now
13 ½Z+271.0343032.0Shop Now
13 ¾Z+2 ½71.522.753532.5Shop Now
14Z+372.023.003133.0Shop Now
14 ¼Z+3 ½72.523.25353233.5Shop Now
14 ½Z+473.523.5034.5Shop Now
14 ¾Z+4 ½74.0363335.0Shop Now
15Z+574.523.753736.0Shop Now
15 ¼Z+5 ½75.024.003436.5Shop Now
15 ½Z+676.024.253837.0Shop Now
15 ¾Z+6 ½76.524.503537.5Shop Now
16Z+777.03938.5Shop Now
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